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Wai Yin Chinese Women Society has been supporting, empowering and working in partnership with Chinese individual and familiese for 25 years. Founded in 1988 by a group of community-minded Chinese women, Wai Yin has become one of the largest Community centres in the UK, sustaining its operations through commissions and contracts with mainstream organisations. As the society has grown, we have developed a range of youth work, as well as employment, education and community services for Chinese men and women and for other ethnic minority groups, including Somali, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and many European nationalities. 

The Society aims to challenge all fors of discrimintation and social exclusion through the provision of diverse and reactive services, delivered by a team of qualified social workers, nurses and other professionals. 

Wai Yin has over 1000 service users, invluding both young people as well as 450 adult learners and an annual turnover of 1.2 million. We recognise that our success is rooted in the talents, enthuisasm and commitment of our people and we are proud to have 8 Committee Members, approximately 50 staff, 27 contract based tutors and over 50 volunteers. Wai Yin has a successful history of awards and our achievements include thee Investor in People Award (2002), the Matrix Quality Mark (2008) and the Best Social Enterprise Award (2010), amongst others. Working in partnership with Lancaster University, MMU and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Wai Yin has published a number of research papers relevant to BME communities. We offer social work adnd healthcare placements to UK and international students and we are strengthening ties with universities in China and Hong Kong. 

Servvices we provide,

  • Education, Training and Employment Service
  • Women's Project
  • Parenting Project 
  • Youth Project 
  • Children's Project 
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Kwan Wai (Mental Health) Service
  • Elderly Citizens Project
  • BME Women's Group
  • Research Project
  • Chinese Asylum Seeker Project
  • Information Technology Service
  • Volunteering Service
  • Information, Advice and Guidance Services

The Youth Project of Wai Yin provides services to support Chinese and Somali young people. Many young people from the Chinese and Somali communities experience conflict with their parents who have traditional cultural views and values. THe gap between their own and British culture often leaves young people feeling lost, lacking and direction. Our Youth Project supports young people to believe in themselves, to be proud of being both Chinese or Somali and British and to use their talents and skills to service the community. 

Early adulthood presents both challenges and opportunities. We offer young people the opportunity to realise their potential and contribute fully to the world in which they live. 

Services for young people include:

  • Education, employment and vocational training.
  • Leadership, self-confidence, self-respect and respecting others programmes.
  • Health related information and support, including information about healthy living, sexual and mental health
  • Emotional support and dealing with conflict 
  • Trillingual language support (English, Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Social activites and events
  • Serving the community through volunteering 
  • Partnerships with other agencies to assist young Chinese people and their families to access culturally appropriate support

The Youth Project is open for all young people aged between 13 and 25, living in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

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